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Haylacon Construction's Services

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We are confident that our abilities and that of our talented staff make us stand out from our competition. We offer a wide variety of services tailored to your needs; we treat each customer with the utmost professionalism and respect. We take the time to listen to your needs and will advise you of the best possible options for your project and budget.

Our General Contractor Services include:

Home Remodelling

Haylacon Construction can assist you in selecting new flooring, counter tops, fixtures, and other necessary materials that fit your budget for your renovation costs. Prompt project completion without sacrificing quality is always our objective. We can breath new life into a stale home, or modernize a home to let in more sunlight, and energy efficient materials to keep warm air inside your home.

Oakville House Addition

Adding an addition to your home is not always an easy decision, but there often comes a time when you need more space for your growing family. Or perhaps you want to retire in Oakville, and your home with a tiny bathroom needs to be expanded as you need the extra space for your limited mobility. Haylacon Construction can expertly build and coordinate the house addition process for you. We navigate you through all the tricky red tape of permits saving your from the headaches that often come along with paperwork. We also build our additions to meet code, so when you do plan on selling your home, a house inspector will find no problems with any electrical or structural work regarding your addition.

Custom Renovation

No matter what your dream may be, we can renovate your living room, basement, bedroom or family room to match your vision. Perhaps you want a living suite in your basement to rent out, we can build that for you so it meets code. Maybe you want a wooedn spiral staircase in your home. We can design and build that custom staircase for you. You may want a balcony extending from the master bedroom, or a home office fully wired to handle today's technology demands, we handle every tiny detail meticulously and do not stop until you are satisfied.

Unique Cabinet, Custom Kitchen

The kitchen is where many great memories are made, and if you capture those memories on film, you want it to look great. Haylacon Construction can build you a kitchen with amazing custom cabinetry to ensure you can store your appliances away with ease when not in use. If you look in our gallery, you can see that the sky is the limit for your dream kitchen. From tiered granite counter tops, to a wine cellar built into your kitchen, we can handle any kitchen planning and remodeling you throw at us.

Custom Bathrooms

Bathrooms offer a place of solitude from the hectic responsibilities of work and family. Soaking in a luxurious tub offers an opportunity to reflect and recuperate from the wear and tear a busy day can bring. From an acrylic clawfoot tub, to custom tile shower designs or a unique bathroom sink vanity, Haylacon Construction can turn your Oakville bathroom a work of art. We ensure that not only will your bathroom look great, it will function properly too. Your bathroom cabinets drawers will glide out smoothly and we will ensure that there is enough ventilation so that your vanity bathroom cabinets will not develop mold or mildew issues. Haylacon is Oakville's premier bathroom planning and remodeling contractors.

General Contractor in Oakville, ON

We are here for you from initial project conception through to completion; we treat each project with meticulous attention to detail and guarantee our work will exceed your expectations.

We invite you to contact us if you have more specific service-related information or require additional information for your needs. Simply complete the contact form and include your email or phone number so we can contact you to discuss your requirements. We’d love to hear from you!


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